We are Aicod

In Italy and all over the world

Aicod is Italian, but it was born without borders as the web demands, it speaks many languages and many idioms to work with SMEs who want to escape the borders, and with major brands that have never known any. We are global and we are local.

Aicod is organized to remain agile, efficient, and in line with the right budget, but is also structured to address the major issues of digital communication without losing anything in dynamism in individual projects or integrated campaigns.

Aicod is based in Parma, because we like to do things well and without stress like many of Italy's top SMEs who work around here with inventiveness and skill. The capitals of Europe and the world are quickly reached from Emilia.

Aicod has a staff of professionals able to tackle 80% of the requests of those who want to communicate on- and off-line. The remaining 20% is dealt with in close collaboration with some extraordinary partners.

Aicod is the technological partner for your most ambitious digital communication and your creative ideas.

Strategy: to make the right choices

Aicod is a digital native, but top quality. At Aicod, between young people and experts, we can count on more than 2 centuries of experience, and everything is coordinated to ensure that communication not only surfs on the web. The extraordinary benefits of digital technology and integration with traditional communication. Our method is to build an understanding with customers, and then, on the basis of the results, choose what they want to obtain. A comparison of goals, numbers and results to choose the right strategy is our method – which is why our customers continue to choose us again and again.

Marketing Bridge: linking media and different languages

Some companies already have an office dedicated to Digital Marketing, others are looking to invest in this field for the first time: for everyone this is a key sector for growth in Italy and especially in the rest of the world. In any event, the channels to establish stronger relationships with consumers and users are many, and, to an increasing extent, interlinked. We build bridges between these media and various languages, because it is no longer possible to communicate in one way only.

Web Marketing: experience counts a whole lot (and earns a great deal)

Aicod has wide experience in web marketing and in the new generation of advertising on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Aicod's campaigns bring together an integrated vision and maximization of investment; everything is made clear in thorough reports for customers and inspired by constantly staying up to date on results and international best practice.

Editorial content: copywriting and other kinds of texts

From the outset, Aicod has trained a team of professionals in digital writing to renew sites and portals, and to come up with fresh and in-depth content, in order to have the right slant for each kind of media, to be traced quickly by search engines. Our journalists, copywriters and screenwriters also write offline communication.

Creative Department: ideas that serve the results

We have creative talent that can manage with intelligence and quality any problem of graphics or creativity for both traditional and digital media. We are a first-rate partner: some of our customers work with us through their own traditional or digital advertising agencies.

Classic Media: advertising campaigns

When an advertising campaign is required, our business communication strategy is transformed into a creative strategy via:analysis of the most useful means to achieve the goals, definition of positionings that are exclusive and well distinguishable, study of targets, and development of ideas that can move over from the Web to paper without losing impact.

Web design: everything in its place

We apply principles of usability, so as to combine graphics with the best possible presentation and navigability. The best site is not simply more beautiful aesthetically, but is one that provides the utmost experience for your visitor (customer, employee, student, the inquisitive,...).

Multimedia: audio, video, photo, 3D... to communicate in many languages

A group of specialists in film, photography, editing and recording are constantly at work in Aicod to produce digital audio and video content. External partners of QC, directors, artists, writers, designers and 3D producers are ready to assist in the creation of shorts, commercials, press releases and campaigns tailored to meet defined goals and budgets.

Application Development: the evolution goes on

The founders of Aicod have always been keen on developing software to base all infrastructure and digital communication on. Our developers seek out technological routes for creativity and communication through consultancy in designing interfaces, the selection of frameworks, and the technological requirements of individual projects.
The evolution of the mobile sector has allowed us to broaden our offering which today also includes

  • Web Applications Development, for the development of apps, backends and integration with large platforms in various modes;
  • Mobile Development, for the development of mobile and tablet apps.


In order to ensure the efficiency and safety of our services we directly control the infrastructures we build our services on. Starting from Aicod's server farm at the ISO27001 certified data centre of Telecom Italia.

E-commerce: selling everything and selling better

Aicod follows the entire cycle of production of each new e-commerce  initiative from the initial idea right up to delivery. And when you need it, it is also responsible for all marketing and promotional activities, customer searches, and branding. Everything is designed to aim straight for the best results.

Social Network

Aicod's thorough knowledge of the dynamics of the major social networks ranges from Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, but is ready for anything the future can dish up. Studying the dynamics, learning from new trends and never stopping, are all vital.
It is no accident that the campaign "I ♥ Parmigiano Reggiano" was published as an Italian Case Study on Facebook and has made Parmigiano Reggiano the most important PDO product on the web in 2013.

Public & Press Relation

Brands need the attention of opinion leaders, and contacts with the press whether Italian, foreign, traditional, or digital. Aicod helps its customers gain an extra advantage since it offers direct PR services managed by highly professional specialists, who are members of the Order of Journalists.

Digital PR: the universal conversation

Brand communication can only be of great cultural import. The conversations that can be activated through social networks can, accordingly, provide important stimuli and anticipate potential developments. In this case too, Aicod has invested in the creation of services dedicated to Digital PR and managed by professionals to contact experts and opinion leaders, to use different registers and speak in the right way to the right audience.

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