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A traditional product is tied to an infinite number of production details accumulated over the course of its long story. However, this does not place restraints on courageous and creative decisions. Parmigiano Reggiano took up and won the challenge: the most famous cheese in the world approached its fans, and called them to gather one by one on the web, above all on Facebook.

The result was a roaring success.

dal Parmigiano al fumetto

The request was to expand Parmigiano Reggiano's presence and reputation on the web, with particular emphasis on certain topics (for example mothers and sporting activities) as well as the special characteristics of this product.

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For Parmigiano Reggiano Aicod invented the story of a recipe to get to know, where users obtained the ingredients after answering questions on the characteristics and special features of the cheese, or by asking friends for help via Facebook or email. The setting was imaginary, with details that recalled the features of a small countryside village. At the end of the game it was possible to participate in a jackpot. The Flash app remained accessible for the entire duration of the initiative both on Facebook and directly on the Parmigiano Reggiano website.

I love parmigiano

The story was painted in watercolour by Federico Mariani, under the creative direction of Michele Riccòmini.

The award ceremony was held at the CIBUS 2012 food fair in the presence of Fede and Tinto, presenters of the famous radio programme Decanter: the first prize, a Fiat 500.

I love parmigiano

The success of the initiative was extraordinary, and attracted more than 100,000 new fans to the Parmigiano Reggianopage in just five months, plus tens of thousands of entries in the final draw. Activity on the Facebook page increased by 500% (posts, comments, likes).

Thanks to this performance, Facebook included "I love Parmigiano Reggiano" in its prestigious list of 2012 success stories. Parmigiano Reggiano comes top of the Italian PDO product category for the number of fans.

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Concept, Design

Davide Bocelli

Development, Social Networks



Federico Mariani

Art Director

Michele Riccomini